Roushun Vitamin C Serum Review, Side Effects & How to Spot Original Vs. Fake


With how pronounced the skincare routine is taking shape, using serum has become a thing of priority in the beauty care arena. However, to get started with serum, knowing and choosing the right serum for your skin type is paramount. Therefore, having reviewed some serums before now, the one on my list of concerns in this article is Roushun Vitamin C Serum. 

Roushun Vitamin C Serum is a thin and lightweight serum that does not sit heavily on the skin. Going by what the producers of this product say, they claim it does not clog facial pores, fade out discoloration, reduce fine lines, and wrinkles, and is anti-aging. 

Having researched extensively and intensively, seeking dermatologist opinions, and reading reviews from users coupled with firsthand experience from friends and families, now, what do I think of this serum? In this article, I will walk you through simple details of what Roushun Vitamin C Serum is all about in terms of usability score, effectiveness, pros and cons, benefits, packaging, price, likened alternative products as well as its side effects to mention a few. 

Brief Summary of Roushun Vitamin C Serum

The summary of my review of Roushun Vitamin C Serum is as follows:

Roushun Vitamin C Serum is one of the most used and popular serums in Nigeria. The beauty of this serum is that it has 20% vitamin C as one of its key ingredients. Also, a good concentration of hyaluronic acid which is well known to serve as a moisture retainer that plumps the skin. 

By my research and patch test on some close friends, the serum is best suited to facial and neck skin regions. And its result of use is within an average of 2-weeks.

The serum is less pricey and the producers claim it brightens, reduces lines, works for hyperpigmentation, remove dark spot, moisturizes, and boost anti-aging. Well, all except hyperpigmentation is quite a disclaimer and requires 100% consistency. Also, the moisturizing effect is low.

Pros & Cons of Roushun Vitamin C Serum


  • Less pricey and friendly to low-budget users

  • Brightens glows, and smoothens the facial and neck skin

  • Best for acne-prone, oily, and sensitive skin

  • Effect of use is noticed within an average of 2-weeks

  • Refine skin texture, reduce lines and wrinkles, dark sport and discoloration.


  • It does not whiten or lighten the skin

  • Not suitable for dry skin type

  • It dries up easily on the skin, so it is best to apply moisturizers after use

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  3. Benefits and Use Cases of the Serum

  4. Side Effects of the Serum

  5. Product Expectation ― Before and After Use Result

  6. Original Vs Fake Roushun Vitamin C Serum

  7. How to Use Roushun Vitamin C Serum

  8. Price of Roushun Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria

  9. Verdict of the Review

  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Packaging and Product First Impression

Before I got the Roushun Vitamin C Serum to have a patch test carried out on friends who are highly concerned with skincare routine, I had heard users compare the packaging of Roushun serum to Pie Mie. There are questions about whether the serums are by-products of one another, and when I got it, I confirmed the resemblance. However, the description written on the carton in terms of what they do, the country made from and their active ingredients are completely different. As such, I don’t think any alarm needs to be raised about the carton, just pay attention to the product.   

The constituent is not too liquid base and not oily. It is in between oily and liquid base serum. Interestingly, it sinks deeply and quickly into the skin when applied. It’s packed in a not-too-visible bottle with a transparent dropper that will help you measure correctly the desired drops. What I like about the packaging is how the carton has another more protective fitting carton inside to avoid any damage to the fragile bottle that contains the serum.

Ingredients: What Does it Contain?

Oftentimes, it has been my set metrics when I purchase or encounter a skincare product to always check if the active ingredients of the product are simultaneous or in line with what the manufacturers claim the product does. What it is you should look out for in terms of irritants. This I do by reading with keen interest what is written at the “back” of the product and even the tiny pamphlet packed inside.

My checks proved no doubt as the ingredients are clearly listed out and few briefly explained. Therefore, I have no questions about the claims advertised on the front. Now let’s see some of the ingredient lists and what you should be watchful of.

  • Key active ingredient

Roushun vitamin C serum has four (4) major active ingredients and it is visibly shown. Foremost is Vitamin C which is meant to brighten the skin, Hyaluronic Acid to help boost skin hydration, soft, plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines, Hazal water well known to be useful for skin healing and treatment for acne and sunburn and Green Tea Extract to help minimize wrinkles, spots and appearance of age.

One thing is clich√© here, this product is intentional about acne-prone skin. The fact that it has touches of Ginseng in its ingredients that have antioxidant properties makes it a no-brainer. If you understand how vitamin C works, you will know it can cause skin purging, but for the Roushun Vitamin C Serum, you don’t experience that because it has an active ingredient that fights against skin purging. It is great on oily and sensitive skin.


  • Ingredients to be Watchful of

The fragrance is mostly one ingredient to be wary of in any skincare product. This is because its constituents are a combination of several chemical mixtures. It can take 30-50 or even have as many as 200 ingredient lists to get a specific unique scent. Though Roushun vitamin C serum contains fragrance, the mildness could not allow my reviewer to pinpoint its exact fragrance. Most users have said the same. This in turn makes this serum suitable for sensitive skin. 

Also, it is written that the serum moisturizes, this is something my reviewer has not experienced. Roushun vitamin C serum sinks, blends, and penetrates easily into the skin. This serum dries off quickly, thus, even though it contains zero alcohol, I don’t recommend it for someone with a dry skin type. 

  • Full Ingredient List

This serum contains the following list of ingredients. If you want to know the benefits of these ingredients, I recommend you check INCI Decoder to explore more. 

Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Ascorbate, Glycereth-26, Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Leaf Extract, Morus Alba Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Alpha-Arbutin, Phenoxyethanol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance, Citric Acid,  Chondrus Crispus Powder, Xanthan Gum, and Sodium Citrate.

Benefits and Use Cases

The benefits you will get from using the serum are as follows

  1. It keeps the skin naturally healthy and nourished

  2. Fades sun spots, treats acne, and helps in skin discoloration

  3. Protect and restore skin cells

  4. Refine skin texture

  5. Reduce wrinkles formation

Side Effects of the Serum

The side effect also dwells on the cons of the serum.  By my reviews and research coupled with the patch test, 90% of users have no visible criticism about any side effect to be tagged to the serum. But the truth is, no product is 100%. 

Avoid this serum if you have dry skin, it’s not suitable for you, because it dries off quickly. It is perfect for oily and sensitive skin. 

Additionally, the presence of PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil can cause itchy skin. As a result, use this serum with a matching moisturizer. Some sensitive and combination skin type users have commented on skin breakage because of incompatible moisturizer use alongside the serum. 

Product Expectation ― Before and After User Result 

The fact that this vitamin C serum is less pricey always draws a low-quality assumption to it, and this I am a part of. Before I decided to review the product, I had thought the serum was just hyped by its manufacturers. And as common trends, every product is packed with copywriting, but I was wrong.

The serum's activeness speaks loudly and otherwise. The product does what it claims to do. It brightens, reduces lines, remove dark spot, and boost anti-aging. Hyperpigmentation is another benefit, but it needs complete consistency. It moisturizes but the effect is low. There is a need to have a good moisturizer with it. 

I have done a patch test on interested friends, and as well have also seen the changes in those who have been using the serum for months and a year plus. The before and after feedback of Roushun vitamin C is something I can provide solid evidence on. Effective visibility result is within 2-weeks of use. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the manufacturers are intentional about acne treatment.

Original Vs Fake: How to Spot Original Roushun Vitamin C Serum

With the number of adulterated products floating in the skincare market, it will not be a surprise if you encounter a wrong purchase. A skincare product without a verifiable way of checking its authenticity has no guarantee of not being fake. 

Roushun vitamin C serum has low reviews in terms of those who have experienced unfair buying. The only way you don’t end up purging yourself is to buy from reputable stores, where users often give their reviews on product usage. Where to buy the original of this serum will not be an issue at the end of reading this article.

On top of that, be careful of cheap taste for an already pocket-friendly product. Being sold at a cheaper-than-usual price can result in purchasing a fake one. This I reviewed from a user’s experience in her journey of consistently using the Roushun vitamin C serum.

How to use Roushun Vitamin C Serum

Using a serum needs proper understanding and application. Even though it’s flexible, the right way to use it will make the difference you seek. To start with, know that serums are usually applied on wet cleansed skin and the same goes with this Roushun serum. 

Some people recommend you have your bath before use, but that’s not a must. What is important is that the skin must be cleansed. Apply with a toner underneath if you can afford one. A toner will gently refresh your skin and boost the serum's natural effectiveness

After that, use the dropper to fetch out the serum, release it gently on your skin or hand, and run gradually in a circular form until it completely sinks deep into your skin. Then follow it up with a soothing moisturizer. I advise you to apply sunscreen if you are using it during the day to avoid sunburn. You are good to go without sunscreen if your routine is only at night. 

Roushun Vitamin C Serum Price in Nigeria

The Roushun vitamin C serum is sold in both offline and online stores. You can get it at the price range of 1,600 to 3,500 naira. Anything below this price should be doubted. And above 3,500 is quite pricey. 

The one I bought from an offline store for my patch test is 2,500. While the one I ordered online is sold for 1,600. Depending on the e-store you order from and your location, with a weigh billing fee, the money will add up. 

Whichever way you purchase yours, the right serum is what matters. Ensure to trade with reputable skincare stores and platforms.

Review Verdict: How Good is Roushun Vitamin C Serum 

Honestly, Roushun Vitamin C Serum is a good buy. It is a brightening serum. Will I recommend it for use? Of course, yes, I recommend it to be part of your skincare routine. Whether what you are looking for is affordability or not, the serum works well. What to note is that you to know your skin type. I do not recommend this serum if you have a dry skin texture. However, it is more of a take-home for those who are under a low-budget skincare routine, and I can’t recommend less. Thus, it’s not all about the price being fair enough, this serum is a good take-home for users with oily and sensitive skin types. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where Can I Buy Roushun Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria?

This serum is not hard to get. It is sold in most cosmetics or beauty care stores across the country. But I recommend you purchase from e-commerce stores because if you ask me, I can’t tell you where to get yours in a physical store because of the location barrier. However, the e-commerce store is accessible to all regardless of your location. You can order from Jumia or Konga, depending on the e-store that is easily accessible to you and by your preference. They are all rated top-notch in sales and good delivery. One thing is for sure; you are assured of product originality. 

  • Is Roushun Vitamin C Serum an Instant Active Serum?

No, the serum is not an instant active serum but it is highly effective. It works within days of use and shows a visible brightening effect, and other acne improvements, discoloration, and more within an average of 2-weeks. For hyperpigmentation and tough skin repair, it takes complete consistency to see the result you desire. Consistency is key in any skincare routine. 

  • Does Roushun Vitamin C Serum Lighten the Skin?

This serum is not a lightening serum. What it does is nourish and brighten your skin to give it that desired glow you hope for. Acne problem is one key treatment this serum is targeted for. Fine lines, wrinkles, aging, and dark spots to mention a few yet some other focus points of the product. If you are seeking an affordable serum for your oily or sensitive skin that will give results, the Roushun vitamin C serum should be your friendly choice.

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