Kobo to Naira Converter: How Many Kobo Makes a Naira Amount?

Kobo to Naira Converter

Convert Kobo to Naira Value Online

How to Convert Kobo to Naira Mathematically

There are 100 Kobo in 1 Naira. Mathematically, to convert the Kobo to Naira, you have to divide the value for the Kobo value by 100. Naira Value = Kobo Value / 100

For example, let's say you need to convert 1 Kobo to Naira, you will do (1/100 = 0.01 Naira). For 25 Kobo to Naira, it will be 25/100 = 0.25 Naira.

But there is an easier way – by using our Naira to Kobo Calculator above. Below are the steps required to use it.

  • 1
    Go to the Convert Tool Above
  • 2
    Enter the amount of Kobo to convert
  • 3
    Make sure Kobo is on the left-hand side and Naira on the right-hand side. If not, click the swap button to get it to be that way
  • 4
    Click on Convert
  • 5
    You will see the value displayed

How to Convert Naira to Kobo Mathematically

1 Naira is divided into 100 Kobo. To convert Naira to Kobo mathematically, you multiple the value of Naira by 100. Mathematically, this is written as Kobo Value = Naira value * 100.

For example, to convert 2 Naira to Kobo, you multiply 2 by 100 (2*100 = 200 Kobo). In the same way, to change 5 Naira to Kobo, you will times 5 by 100 (5 * 100 = 500 Kobo). If you change 100 Naira to Kobo, you will get 10,000 Kobo.

But there is an easier way – by using our Kobo to Naira Calculator above. Below are the steps required to use it.

  • 1
    Go to the Convert Tool Above
  • 2
    Enter the amount of Naira to convert to Kobo - can be less than 1 Naira (example: 0.1 Naira)
  • 3
    Use the two select tools. on the left, make sure you have Naira. And on the left, Make sure you have Kobo. You can also use the swap button to automatically get that done
  • 4
    Click on Convert
  • 5
    You will see the value of Naira in Kobo displayed

How Many Kobo Makes One Naira?

100 Kobo makes 1 Naira. One Naira is divided into subdivisions of 100 units — and that unit is the Kobo. Below is a conversion table of popular Kobo values in Naira.

Kobo to Naira Conversion Table

Kobo Amount Naira Equivalent
1 Kobo 0.01 NGN
2 Kobo 0.02 NGN
5 Kobo 0.05 NGN
10 Kobo 0.10 NGN
15 Kobo 0.15 NGN
20 Kobo 0.20 NGN
25 Kobo 0.25 NGN
40 Kobo 0.40 NGN
50 Kobo 0.50 NGN
70 Kobo 0.70 NGN
75 Kobo 0.75 NGN
80 Kobo 0.80 NGN
90 Kobo 0.90 NGN
99 Kobo 0.99 NGN
100 Kobo 1.00 NGN
120 Kobo 1.20 NGN
150 Kobo 1.50 NGN
200 Kobo 2.00 NGN
250 Kobo 2.50 NGN
500 Kobo 5.00 NGN
700 Kobo 7.00 NGN
750 Kobo 7.50 NGN
1,000 Kobo 10.00 NGN
1 Million Kobo 10,000.00 NGN

Naira to Kobo Conversion Table

Naira Amount Kobo Equivalent
1.00 NGN 100 Kobo
1.25 NGN 125 Kobo
2.00 NGN 200 Kobo
3.00 NGN 300 Kobo
5.00 NGN 500 Kobo
7.00 NGN 700 Kobo
8.00 NGN 800 Kobo
10.00 NGN 1000 Kobo
12.00 NGN 1200 Kobo
15.00 NGN 1500 Kobo
20.00 NGN 2000 Kobo
25.00 NGN 2500 Kobo
30.00 NGN 3000 Kobo
50.00 NGN 5000 Kobo
100.00 NGN 10000 Kobo
1,000.00 NGN 100000 Kobo

What Year was the Naira and Kobo Introduced in Nigeria?

Nigeria changed its currency to Naira and Kobo on January 1st, 1973. Prior to this time, Nigeria was using the Nigerian pound at a rate of 1 pound to ₦2. This marks a remarkable change from the currency the British handed over to us to our own currency.

However, if we are to look back now, have we really benefitted from making this change, or it was just a cosmetic? If you ask me, I will say no meaningful benefit has been derived as neither the life of the citizen has improved nor the value of the Naira has been maintained.

Can You Spend Kobo?

Anytime you spend money in the country, you are spending both Naira and Kobo. The major problem here is how the currency of th country has lost so much value that even ₦50 note is becoming useless. Marketers, on the other hand, have completely neglected Kobo. When there's a price increase in their cost of production, and they need to balance things up, they just round it up to the nearest Naira value they deem fit.

This is the reason it seems we are no longer using the subunit. But in actual reality, we do. There are some purchases you will make that still require you to make use of it.

What is the Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate?

As of today, $1 is equal to ₦995 – almost ₦1000. This has not always been like this. In the nineties, the Naira was stronger. However, the increase in corruption, high rate of importation, dollar round-tripping, and a lot of other reasons have put the value of the currency in its current situation.

Unfortunately, there is no end in sight, as those who should protect its value have decided to pretend they don’t know what is going on.

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