Disaar Vitamin C Serum Review, Side Effects & How to Spot Original Vs. Fake


Among fans of skincare, vitamin C serum is one of the most well-liked serums. Disaar Vitamin C serum, in particular, is one of the best-selling items in Nigeria. The same is true for those who desire to treat their skin concerns naturally, such as dryness, dullness, and hyperpigmentation. According to reports, it reduced skin wrinkles.

Personally, I usually start a review with a solid research output. Disaar Vitamin C serum fits into this as well. I typically purchase skin care items so that I may provide an honest review.  As a result, you may trust that you can rely on the information provided. I'll go over the Disaar Vitamin C Serum with you. You can anticipate learning about the product's packaging, benefits and drawbacks, pricing, side effects, initial impression, and how to recognise authentic goods.

Brief Summary of Disaar Vitamin C Serum

A skincare product called Disaar Vitamin C serum has potent antioxidants to brighten and renew the skin. It has a high concentration of vitamin C, which is well known for its ability to improve skin tone, minimise hyperpigmentation, and encourage the formation of collagen for a young appearance. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, two organic substances found in the serum, nurture and moisturise the skin. This thin product absorbs fast and leaves behind a texture that is neither greasy nor sticky. Above all, Disaar Vitamin C serum seeks to improve skin texture, fight ageing indications, and increase skin radiance for a more youthful appearance.

Pros & Cons of Disaar Vitamin C Serum


  • Strong antioxidants like those found in Disaar Vitamin C Serum help shield the skin from the oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.

  • Disaar Vitamin C Serum can help reduce acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots over time, resulting in a more even skin tone.

  • Dread The synthesis of collagen, a protein that keeps the skin's firmness and elasticity, depends on vitamin C serum. 

  • The photoprotective properties of Disaar Vitamin C Serum have been demonstrated, increasing the efficiency of sunscreen. It can lessen sun damage and help shield the skin from UV rays' damaging effects.

  • A potent humectant that draws moisture to the skin, hyaluronic acid is frequently included in the formulation of serums.

  • Disaar Vitamin C Serum is an excellent complement to any skincare regimen because it is often lightweight and readily absorbed by the skin, making it suited for everyday usage.


  • Some people may experience skin allergies or irritants as a result.

  • Not all skin types, especially those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, may be suited

  • Some consumers claim that the application causes a tingling or burning feeling.

  • Some users might not like the serum's smell.

  • Results may vary, and not everyone may detect observable changes in the texture or look of their skin.

  • If the skin is not adequately moisturised subsequently, it could become dry or flaky.

  • Following the use of the serum, some customers have suffered breakouts or worsening acne.

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1.     Packaging & First Impression

2.     Disaar Vitamin C Serum Ingredients

3.     Benefits and Use Cases

4.     Side Effect of the Serum

5.     Before and After Use – Result Expectation

6.     Original Vs. Fake

7.     How to Use Disaar Vitamin C Serum

8.     Disaar Vitamin C Serum Price in Nigeria

9.     Review Verdict

10.  FAQs

Packaging & First Impression

Disaar Vitamin C Serum comes in simple, attractive packaging. It comes in a tiny bottle made of black glass with a dropper lid. The bottle itself exudes a sense of elegance because it seems sturdy and high-quality. My nose is greeted by a faint citrus aroma as soon as I open the bottle. It's a wonderful surprise that it's cooling and not overbearing. It is simple to apply the serum to the skin because of its lightweight composition and little runniness.

The serum goes on my skin easily and smoothly when I first apply it. I really like that it absorbs swiftly and doesn't leave behind any oily or sticky residue. The serum feels airy and light on the skin, hydrating it while still letting it breathe.

Disaar Vitamin C Serum's packaging is slick overall, and the initial impression of the product is excellent. It makes for a pleasant and promising skincare experience, from the opulent bottle to the energising aroma and lightweight feel on the face.

Ingredients: What does it contain?

As a lover of skincare, I am more concerned with a skin product's ingredients than its appearance and packaging. The list of components is often present on each skincare product. Professionally, the ingredients are listed in descending order according to their quantity. These elements are listed in descending sequence as is to be expected. That is the standard. The skin may be saved if you look into the ingredients and the impact they have on ill people.

  • Active Ingredient in Disaar Vitamin C Serum

Glycerin is well known for its ability to moisturise. It is a wonderful addition to any skincare regimen because it keeps the skin moisturised and elastic.  Additionally, although the term propylene glycol may sound a little harsh, it is actually a common ingredient in many skincare products. It helps the skin maintain moisture because it has humectant properties. When applied to the skin, the sugar alcohol erythritol gives off a cooling and revitalising effect. Additionally, Glycereth-26, a moisturising ingredient that works to increase the skin's general moisture, is similar to glycerin.

PEG/PPG-17/6 As an emulsifier, copolymer increases the compatibility of various ingredients in the serum. Last but not least, the silicone-based chemical dimethicone is frequently found in skincare products. On the skin, it forms a shielding layer that helps keep moisture in and stop water loss.

  • Ingredient to be Wary of

Some people may develop skin rashes or allergic reactions when using the chemical propylene glycol. Before applying it to broader parts of the skin, a patch test is advised. A silicone derivative frequently seen in skincare products is dimethicone. Although it is typically regarded as harmless for most people, some people may discover that it clogs their pores or results in breakouts. Be careful if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. Additionally, the preservative Diazolidinyl urea is frequently used in skincare products. However, it might emit formaldehyde, which might irritate certain people with delicate skin or trigger allergies in others.

Full List of Ingredients

Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Erythritol, Glycereth-26, PEG/​PPG-17/​6 Copolymer, Dimethicone, Acrylates/​C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Sodium Acrylate/​Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 80, Triethanolamine, Xanthan Gum, Niacinamide, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Diazolidinyl Urea

Benefits and Use Cases

  • It enhances radiance and illuminates the complexion.

  • It is a potent antioxidant that shields the skin from free radicals.

  • With continued usage, it lessens sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • It increases collagen production for skin that is firmer and suppler.

  • Suitable for both morning and evening use

  • Has a moisturizer and sunscreen

  • Ideal for reducing fine wrinkles, repairing sun damage, and enhancing skin vibrancy

Side Effects and Cons

Now, please remember that every person has a distinct type of skin, therefore outcomes may vary. I must remark that utilising Disaar Vitamin C Serum didn't have any significant side effects for me. It's crucial to remember that some people may suffer small and transient symptoms, such as a little stinging, dryness, or slight redness. When adding any new skincare product into your routine, these reactions are typically common and frequently seen as natural. Simply said, the slight redness I experienced after using the serum quickly subsided and didn't bother me at all. Additionally, the tingling sensation that some people may experience after application rapidly dissipated and didn't bother me.

Before and After Use – Result Expectation

Before using Disaar Vitamin C Serum, the user may have complained about fine wrinkles, dark spots, and dull, uneven skin tone. However, after regular usage, it is anticipated that the brightness and radiance of the skin, the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, and the complexion will all significantly improve. The serum also helps lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots, giving the skin a smoother, younger-looking texture. The serum's high vitamin C content is intended to feed and replenish the skin, promoting a younger-looking and healthier appearance.

Original vs Fake: How to Spot Original Disaar Vitamin C Serum

As was to be expected, the African market is overrun with counterfeit goods. Worried that you might come across a fake while trying to purchase an authentic Disaar Vitamin C serum? Do not worry. First, only buy from recognised merchants or licenced vendors. For authentic products, look for official packaging and labelling. Avoid prices that seem suspiciously cheap or reductions that are too big. To establish trust, review consumer comments and feedback. 

How to Use Disaar Vitamin C Serum

You now possess the amazing Disaar Vitamin C Serum, which is a fantastic option for skin that is radiant and youthful. This serum is simple to use. First, wash your face gently with a cleanser before patting it dry. Use your palm or fingertips, depending on which feels more comfortable for you, to apply a few drops of the serum. To uniformly distribute the substance, gently squish your hands together. Starting in the middle of your face, use upward strokes to move outward. Pay special attention to problem areas—such as fine wrinkles or dark spots—or places you want to target when applying.

To make sure the serum is fully absorbed, massage those regions a little bit more. To reap the advantages of Disaar Vitamin C Serum to the fullest, keep in mind that consistency is crucial in any skincare regimen.

Disaar Vitamin C Serum Price in Nigeria

The size of the bottle, the store where it is bought, and any additional promotional offers are some of the variables that affect the price range of Disaar Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria. The typical price range for Disaar Vitamin C Serum is between $2,000 and $5,000. It is crucial to keep in mind, nevertheless, that costs may vary between various retailers' physical locations and online marketplaces. To get the greatest value, it is advisable to compare rates from several sources.

Review Verdict: How Good is Disaar Vitamin C Serum

From my experience, I can confidently say that if your patch test is positive, you won't regret purchasing the Disaar Vitamin C Serum. It has actually helped a lot of consumers restore beautiful, youthful skin. You won't need to worry if you make sure to purchase from a reputable retailer.


How Often Should Disaar Vitamin C Serum Be Applied for Optimal Results?

Applying Disaar Vitamin C Serum to clean, dry skin twice daily, preferably in the morning and evening, is recommended for best effects. It is advised to apply a tiny amount and gently massage it into the skin until it is completely absorbed. The serum must be used consistently and on a regular basis to be most effective and produce the intended effects.

Can Disaar Vitamin C Serum Help with Reducing Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation?

Yes, Disaar Vitamin C Serum can aid in reducing hyperpigmentation and black patches. Due to its brightening and whitening qualities, vitamin C can help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. It can significantly lessen hyperpigmentation by preventing the development of melanin. Dark spots can appear less prominently and your complexion can become more even with regular usage of Disaar Vitamin C Serum.

Is Disaar Vitamin C Serum Suitable for All Skin Types?

Yes, all skin types can use Disaar Vitamin C Serum. It has components that successfully treat both dry and oily skin, assisting in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions. Since the serum is delicate and light, it can also be used on sensitive skin. Through the use of antioxidants, it can lighten and level out skin tone and lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. All in all, Disaar Vitamin C Serum is a multifunctional skincare item that is appropriate for all skin types. 

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